Hattie’s book blog says hello!

Greetings Pickers and Mixers!  Warm congratulations on your astute decision to check out this new blog-mag.  Who knows, in years to come, when Pick and Mix is a household name, you will proudly boast that you were in on it from the beginning.

Our theme this week is Introductions, which is highly convenient, as the first thing to do is introduce myself.  Hi, I’m Hattie.  It’s my good fortune to be tasked with introducing (see, thematic again!) you all to a few of the books which I’ve loved over the last twenty years, in the devout hope that one day you may come across a book recommended by me, read it, and hopefully, enjoy it.  To be honest, if that happens once, to one of you, then I shall feel a warm glow of satisfaction and happiness.  If that one turns out to be you (and it could easily be) let me know, and you’ll have a friend for life.

However, book reviews work both ways – they can be a recommendation, or a warning.  I shall supply one of each.  I’ll be starting with a warning, although I fear it may have come too late for some of you…


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