Christmas movie recommendation – The Wild Things are here!

Where The Wild Things Are is well worth the exorbitant price of a cinema ticket – says the editor

Camden Odeon on a Tuesday night is a thankfully quiet though hideously expensive cinema.  Perfect, however, for seeing the much anticipated movie of Maurice Sendak‘s masterwork  –

Where The Wild Things Are

This is a film you really ought to see on the big screen, thanks to Spike Jonze‘s stunning direction.  The beautiful, lyrical, sun-smeared, snowy landscapes and dreamlike beasts loom and surround the audience – turning anybody into a solitary, awestruck child.  This is an experience I can’t recommend strongly enough…especially at this time of year.

However – it is no movie for kids…

An adult can relate to the heartbreak and trauma of Dave Eggers‘ emotionally charged script – finding the exploration of childhood sadness almost personally consoling.  The storyline – adapted from Dave Eggers’ own novelisation, deals with the social ineptitude, need for unconditional truths and horror at change that all children face as they lurch towards teenagehood.  Especially Max, who can’t understand why his mother wants a boyfriend, or would choose to work rather than listen to his stories.

The film concludes on a melancholy note – Max learning acceptance, rather than finding a more satisfying kind of happy ending.  Regardless, it is a joyous experience.  One I am glad I had.  Though I now hate Dave Eggers a bit.


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