Weird and wonderful – Twin Peaks is back in Britain on DVD!

Today, after a twenty year void, Twin Peaks is finally released on DVD in the UK.  If you are not excited, you should be!  So says Alice Sage

Diane, I'm gonna buy a boxset Gold Edition of Twin Peaks. It's been ten years since my last coffee - how's Annie?

Yes folks, to mark it’s twentieth anniversary, the mind-altering blueprint of freaky TV goes on sale today, for the first time in the UK on DVD.

Twin Peaks is David Lynch‘s most successful attempt at cogent storytelling – not that the plot is its main selling point.  Like all David Lynch‘s works this skirts around a story, eschews anything resembling realism and looks like it was made by ten or twelve enthusiastic horror fans while the real director went for lunch.  Don’t let that put you off.  I’m no fan of David Lynch, but something about Twin Peaks makes all those detractions seem like perfectly balanced, creepy genius

Why Twin Peaks deserves its crazy cult following:

There are shows that do mystery better.  There are shows that do gore, shocks, and creepiness better.  There is nothing, however, that comes close to Twin Peaks for true formless anarchy.

The edginess of this show is what stands it out from the crowd.  This is as much due to its uncanny resemblance to every other cheap soap opera on American TV at the time, as to its disturbing plot twists and violent outbursts.  Like Dallas having a complete nervous breakdown.  It is pure distilled weirdness in every aspect of its production – from the purposely hammy acting, to the constant non-sequiturs and half-arsed sets.  Not to mention the horrifying themes of incest, evil and insanity.  It is hard to believe that any of it was ever intended to make sense, or even mean anything.  Though I am sure the die-hard Lynch fans would say that that’s the point, man, it’s like art, man, it’s satire, duh!

The history of its release onto VHS and DVD has been as lengthy, complicated and bizzarre as the show itself – stymied by confusing changes in who owns what copyrights and in what countries, and burdened by technical glitches and sticky DVDs.  Even downloading episodes has been fraught with difficulties, resulting in a two-decade Twin Peaks black-out for most of us here in the UK.

Today, however, that all changes…

The Gold Edition – Definitive!

Released on sale today, there is more to this boxset than episodes in the right order.  Here is the lowdown on special features according to

  1. All 29 Episodes plus the Original Pilot: Both U.S. network and international versions of the pilot (Plus Unnecessary Capitals – the two pilots are quite different though, so this isn’t as silly as it seems)
  2. Remastered Picture from the original negative with newly-created 5.1 Audio, personally approved by David Lynch – also includes original 2.0 Audio (for those of us that prefer reduced-quality sound.  One for the purists)
  3. Deleted Scenes: Lost footage saved from the cutting room floor
  4. Exclusive feature-length documentary, “Secrets from Another Place,” exploring the show’s origins,production and impact – featuring brand-new interviews with the cast and crew and never-before-seen footage
  5. A Slice of Lynch“: David Lynch takes a strange and amusing look back with help from Kyle MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick and John Wentworth (no one watches these documentaries.  One for the insomniacs)
  6. Return to Twin Peaks“: Follow a group of devoted “Peaks Freaks” and cast members to the 2006 Twin Peaks Festival (yes.  They have a festival)
  7. Interactive Map: The show’s unforgettable locations and how to find them in real life (one for the stalkers)
  8. The complete Log Lady Introductions (one for the nerds)
  9. Saturday Night Live: Kyle MacLachlan’s monologue and the hilarious Twin Peaks comedy sketch featuring the SNL cast (couldn’t find a copy of this, so added Lego does Twin Peaks – scroll down to watch)
  10. The “Falling” Music Video with Julee Cruise (the theme from the show, incidentally the most upsetting track to hear in a club.  It does happen)
  11. And Many Golden Nuggets: On-air promos, TV spots, production documents, rare photos and more (Golden Nuggets?)

…all for just £46.99 – yikes

I don’t care about the price!

Twin Peaks is one of those once-seen-never-forgotten shows.  I might not rush out and buy it today, but I’m definitely getting it for someone’s birthday, and then spending a few days at their house catching up!  I advise you to do the same.  If you haven’t seen it you should – it will make you cringe, laugh, vomit on your shoes (possibly) and it will make you appreciate the fairly high production values of your average TV show (even here in cheapo Britain).  If you are already a fan then you need no convincing.  You’re probably typing your credit card details into PayPal as we speak…

For a taster of the show (or a reminder) here is the aforementioned Lego wonder – Twin Bricks

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