How to bake a terrific pirate treasure chest cake!

To compliment the fabulous Shark Cake try this remarkably chocolatey Pirate Treasure Chest Cake by Cat Munro…

You will need:

– some pick and mix sweets, chocolate money, digestive biscuits, a fairly hefty cake recipe – chocolate is best – plus a recipe for thick chocolate icing and thin yellow icing.

Here is a link for a decent (simple) chocolate fudge cake.  For the icing just mix hot, melted chocolate and cream to make ganache – for the yellow icing mix lots of icing sugar with water and yellow food colouring.

Making your cake…

GanacheBase construction

Bake two hefty rectangular cakes – the more chocolatey the better!  Cut the ends off for neatness – then split one of the offcuts into two wedges…
Then mix up some chocolatey icing – chocolate ganache in this case.  Take the two neat rectangular cakes and slice them both in half.  Sandwich all but one of them back together with your icing.

Arms and Lids
Ice liberallyLid

Use the offcuts to make a sloping back and two armchair-style supports on the sides – glue together with more icing and slather all over with even more icing.  Use one of the slanty-cut offcuts to make the lid – decorate with icing and sweets (Curly Wurlys are a good idea here)

Sandy Bottoms
SandSand glueSand

Smash up some digestive biscuits in a plastic bag and mix up some yellow-coloured icing.  Smooth this icing onto a tray lined with silver foil and cover with the smashed biscuits (and maybe some edible sparkles) – now you have a nice beach for your cake to sit on…

Fix up look smart!
Coin supportAssembly

Use chocolate money to support the lid, fill with sweeties of your choice then lay lid on top.  Fill all gaps and crevices with chocolatey icing and finish off with more Curly Wurlys and such!  Lift the cake with a fish slice or something and place onto the sandy-beach-tray…


…now eat your cake!


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