King of the Pirates – Radio Caroline is Forty-Seven (but still fit)!

From the golden age of the offshore pirate radio, Radio Caroline is running a special Easter line-up of old and new music – with the presenters that started it all – to celebrate their forty-seventh anniversary.

In the 60s we were miles behind America in showcasing the spectacular music explosion that was happening in our country, and across the pond. All we had was the BBC and the only modern music broadcast in Britain was a brief spot on The Light Programme. Continue reading


Sketch a laugh at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

One week of the festival left to enjoy – Here is what’s good to see!  Don’t forget these guys will all come to London once the tourists leave Scotland . . . By Alice Sage

You can burn out on any kind of show.  A good sketch show draws you in and keeps you hooked with quick changes, sharp writing and energy.  However, it can be distancing for an audience to sit and watch scenes acted out on stage.  It’s too much like TV. Stand up comedy, on the other hand, is literally in-your-face and very hard to ignore – even if it’s truly awful (especially if it’s truly awful).  Either way it’s a good plan to chop and change between the different styles on offer.  It is barely worth paying big money for a show and unless you booked a month ago you won’t be able to!  So here is my choice for (under a tenner) cheapo shows… Continue reading

Weird and wonderful – Twin Peaks is back in Britain on DVD!

Today, after a twenty year void, Twin Peaks is finally released on DVD in the UK.  If you are not excited, you should be!  So says Alice Sage

Diane, I'm gonna buy a boxset Gold Edition of Twin Peaks. It's been ten years since my last coffee - how's Annie?

Yes folks, to mark it’s twentieth anniversary, the mind-altering blueprint of freaky TV goes on sale today, for the first time in the UK on DVD.

Twin Peaks is David Lynch‘s most successful attempt at cogent storytelling – not that the plot is its main selling point.  Like all David Lynch‘s works this skirts around a story, eschews anything resembling realism and looks like it was made by ten or twelve enthusiastic horror fans while the real director went for lunch.  Don’t let that put you off.  I’m no fan of David Lynch, but something about Twin Peaks makes all those detractions seem like perfectly balanced, creepy geniusContinue reading

Ways to waste time #2 – Twitter wants you!

A guide to Twitter for the unconvinced beginner.  By Alice Sage

Do you find yourself muttering things like “oh look, Countdown is on” or “I think I’ll have a biscuit” or generally talking out loud when no one is around?  Then Twitter is for you.  The ranting crazy lady of social networking, Twitter is basically a neat kind of socially-acceptable thinking-out-loud.

Click to go to Twitter

If your friends use Twitter, then getting started is a no-brainer.  Setting up an account is easy, as it is a simple case of picking a name, password and profile pic.  Personalising your page is annoying but doable and really not that necessary.  I spent a coupleof hours fitting a good photo for the background of my page, which now just gets on my nerves.  However, if you don’t have lots of friends on Twitter then having fun with it takes a bit more forward planning. Continue reading

Ways to waste time – best of the blogs

If you are thinking of wasting some precious time online, non-Twitterers, do it here.  The Editor’s top arty and news-based blogs for the discerning procrastinator…By Alice Sage

Not everyone spends all day religiously keeping up with blogs, Twitter, RSS feeds and Facebook updates (I do.  Yay me) – but you are online right now, and obviously not busy, so why not see what else is out there!

Four arty-types:

Comics, jokes, diaries and doodles – the pretty blogs I love best… Continue reading

Christmas movie recommendation – The Wild Things are here!

Where The Wild Things Are is well worth the exorbitant price of a cinema ticket – says the editor

Camden Odeon on a Tuesday night is a thankfully quiet though hideously expensive cinema.  Perfect, however, for seeing the much anticipated movie of Maurice Sendak‘s masterwork  –

Where The Wild Things AreContinue reading