King of the Pirates – Radio Caroline is Forty-Seven (but still fit)!

From the golden age of the offshore pirate radio, Radio Caroline is running a special Easter line-up of old and new music – with the presenters that started it all – to celebrate their forty-seventh anniversary.

In the 60s we were miles behind America in showcasing the spectacular music explosion that was happening in our country, and across the pond. All we had was the BBC and the only modern music broadcast in Britain was a brief spot on The Light Programme. Continue reading


Joni Mitchell memories from a folkskeptic fan

To celebrate Joni Mitchell week on the furiously folky ForFolksSakeAlice Sage gives her heartfelt reasons why Mitchell’s music rules ok.

– Featured on ForFolksSake here!

When I was fourteen I bought a copy of Song To A Seagull for my mum’s birthday.   Continue reading

Live at Sadlers Wells: under the MICroscope with Riz MC

Riz MC premieres content from his forthcoming album MICroscope at interactive two-night party.  Review by Craig Jenkins

The show…

Sadlers WellsLilian Bayliss studio was transformed this weekend into an underground laboratory as Riz MC took us through a microscopic study of bacteria, music and culture, drawn from his upcoming album MICroscope.

The suitably titled MICroscope was a live and interactive performance from actor, MC, and socio-political wordsmith Riz Ahmed.  It placed the audience inside a metaphorical Petri dish and pressed it to question society, politics, world news and whether it’s better to be cool or friendly? (I was forced by friends to vote ‘cool’). Continue reading

The editor recommends…a motown/bhangra extravaganza!

On Friday 18th and Saturday 19th December East will be meeting West in more ways than one.

A shockingly good show, that I first saw in Camden’s Jazz Cafe, is soon to be rocking up at east-end arts centre Rich Mix.  Botown are a Bollywood/funk mash-up band.  Stay with me.  They provide a mix of classic Bollywood songs and sexy funky soul.

Our very own Craig Jenkins dragged me to the Camden gig last summer.  The glorious and unmistakeable big band sounds of James Brown, Prince, and Ray Charles melded perfectly with the up-beat genius of Kishore Kumar and AR Rahman.  A jolly friendly crowd filled the dance floor and only the dullest kind of killjoy could keep from bopping.  Even with no knowledge of Bollywood music I couldn’t help but try to sing along! Continue reading