The iPad – because Mac loves you back!

There has been hype.  There has been backlash.  And we can’t even buy it yet.  You know there’s no real reason to buy an iPad.  But this is why you want one anyway…By Alice Sage

Now, I’ve not read everything there is to read on this subject.  I have googled.  My thought is this –

Both Martin Cloake and Will Sturgeon on The Media Blog have made the point that the iPad is not quite all that.  Also, that the press coverage of new apple tech is always disproportionate to mac’s sales figures (apparently).

There’s the argument that the iPad will revolutionise ebook readers, thus revolutionising newspapers, books, human literacy itself (plus the fabulous argument that anything by Apple will be revolutionary simply because it always has been).  This is not really news, as ebook readers are yet to make any substantial impact and the web is already important as a main focus for journalism – our news-digesting trends are moving in a digital direction so surely that a better kind of ebook (or at least a more appealing one) seems to be beside the point. Continue reading