Ways to waste time #2 – Twitter wants you!

A guide to Twitter for the unconvinced beginner.  By Alice Sage

Do you find yourself muttering things like “oh look, Countdown is on” or “I think I’ll have a biscuit” or generally talking out loud when no one is around?  Then Twitter is for you.  The ranting crazy lady of social networking, Twitter is basically a neat kind of socially-acceptable thinking-out-loud.

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If your friends use Twitter, then getting started is a no-brainer.  Setting up an account is easy, as it is a simple case of picking a name, password and profile pic.  Personalising your page is annoying but doable and really not that necessary.  I spent a coupleof hours fitting a good photo for the background of my page, which now just gets on my nerves.  However, if you don’t have lots of friends on Twitter then having fun with it takes a bit more forward planning. Continue reading