Sketch a laugh at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

One week of the festival left to enjoy – Here is what’s good to see!  Don’t forget these guys will all come to London once the tourists leave Scotland . . . By Alice Sage

You can burn out on any kind of show.  A good sketch show draws you in and keeps you hooked with quick changes, sharp writing and energy.  However, it can be distancing for an audience to sit and watch scenes acted out on stage.  It’s too much like TV. Stand up comedy, on the other hand, is literally in-your-face and very hard to ignore – even if it’s truly awful (especially if it’s truly awful).  Either way it’s a good plan to chop and change between the different styles on offer.  It is barely worth paying big money for a show and unless you booked a month ago you won’t be able to!  So here is my choice for (under a tenner) cheapo shows… Continue reading