Weird and wonderful – Twin Peaks is back in Britain on DVD!

Today, after a twenty year void, Twin Peaks is finally released on DVD in the UK.  If you are not excited, you should be!  So says Alice Sage

Diane, I'm gonna buy a boxset Gold Edition of Twin Peaks. It's been ten years since my last coffee - how's Annie?

Yes folks, to mark it’s twentieth anniversary, the mind-altering blueprint of freaky TV goes on sale today, for the first time in the UK on DVD.

Twin Peaks is David Lynch‘s most successful attempt at cogent storytelling – not that the plot is its main selling point.  Like all David Lynch‘s works this skirts around a story, eschews anything resembling realism and looks like it was made by ten or twelve enthusiastic horror fans while the real director went for lunch.  Don’t let that put you off.  I’m no fan of David Lynch, but something about Twin Peaks makes all those detractions seem like perfectly balanced, creepy geniusContinue reading


Sex, drugs, and gobs of gore! – the books that make you love TV

Sex and the City, Dexter or True Blood?  When TV turns to modern fiction, every one’s a winner – so says Hattie French

Last week, writing up the best of the Big Read, I was struck by how many popular books are made into films.  Maybe it started with the blistering success of Gone with the Wind in the thirties.   Today, books are getting optioned for film before they go into print.

There are varying degrees of success for these adaptations.  Peter Jackson‘s The Lord of the Rings had more money thrown at it than the London Olympics, and yet only really scratched the surface of Tolkien‘s original.   And as I’ve expressed previously, the great advantage of the Harry Potter books over the films is that you don’t have to look at the smug, grinning face of the multimillionaire Daniel Radcliffe while you’re reading. Continue reading